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Category: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From | 13.05.2013
Most effective and simple tool for making sleeping place and clothes bed bug free is a micro-wave oven. I am amazed not one of your articles mentions this and should be the first thing anyone who has just discovered bedbugs should equip themselves with. I know you advise that hair is good prevention against bites but first need is to FIND them so SHAVE OFF ALL BODY hair.

Also you can use the Hairdryer to go over your body.When they feel the heat the buggers drop off.
I have just got over a bed bug attack and because I quickly found out that ALL SPRAYS ARE USELESS I had to work out how to get my normal life back. If this has been any help please get back to me and I will provide more advice and will be prepared to write out a complete effective way of treating this problem as all sprays are of little help beyond giving you a worse rash than the bugs themselves.

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