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Category: Bed Bug Bites | 31.12.2015
Conventional pesticide applications will only kill adults and larva if they come into contact during service.  The problem with this types of treatments is bed bug harborage areas can be difficult to access, may result in exposure to humans and several follow up services will be required to eradicate new hatchings. Bed bug heat treatment services when done properly will eliminate all adult, larva and eggs.  It is important to have periodic follow up inspections and correct conditions that are conducive to re-infestation.
When properly done a German roach heat treatment can kill all the adults and eggs with one service without any risk of exposure to pesticides.  Follow up inspections are recommended as well as eliminating conditions conducive to future re-infestation.

Western Drywood termite heat treatment services are usually preferred over gas fumigation for expense, convenience and safety. Larger infestations in multiple areas of a home may require tent fumigation or a complete heat treatment.

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