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As humans living in the desert, we often find ourselves sharing our homes with native creepy crawlers like scorpions. Nevertheless, my wife also got stung 13-times on her shoulder and back one night when another scorpion fell from the ceiling into our bed and somehow got inside her nightgown.
In general, with scorpions, the smaller the pincers, the more powerful the venom in the sting. I remember seeing a large black scorpion with huge pincers once, and it was amazingly non-aggressive, and could be handled.

According to the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center, there are thirty different species of scorpions throughout Arizona. Only one of those, the Bark Scorpion, which can be found in Yuma, produces potentially life-threatening symptoms. Living now in Southeast Asia part of the year, we have plenty of nasty bugs, including scorpions, poisonous spiders and loads of termites. We would often come downstairs in the morning to find scorpion bits next to the cat's food dish.

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