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With 125 different species, the wolf spider is very common in Atlanta and around the United States. Wolf spiders enter Atlanta homes during the cooler months, looking for food and refuge from the elements. The best option for eliminating spiders in your Atlanta home is a guaranteed spider control solution. This entry was posted in Spider Control and tagged atlanta, Atlanta GA, Atlanta Pest Control, Atlanta spiders, bulwark, bulwark pest control, Bulwark Spider Control, bulwark-exterminating, exterminator, general pest control, Pest Control, Pest Control Atlanta, Pest Control Companies, Pest Control Company, spider, spider control, Union Jack, Wolf spider, wolf spider babies, wolf spider bite, wolf spider control on June 24, 2013 by anthonyb.
A male wolf spider, with two medium eyes on the side of the head, and two large eyes above a row of small eyes.
Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal, an arachnologist at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad, told Live Science that wolf spiders have a “distinctive eye arrangement, where the front or anterior row is composed of four small eyes of roughly the same size arranged in almost a straight row.
According to the Pennsylvania State University Entomology Department, wolf spiders will bite when threatened but their venom is not very harmful to humans.

Wolf spiders use their keen eyesight, camouflage coloring, speedy movements and high sensitivity to vibrations to be aware of and keep safe from predators. According to BioKids, wolf spiders, who use their eyes more than many other types of spiders, use visual cues in mating.
After mating, female wolf spiders lay several dozen or more eggs and wrap them in silk, creating an egg sac. Male wolf spiders typically live for one year or less, while females can live for several years.
They are called wolf spiders not because of their large, hairy, wolf-like appearance; but because they were once believed to hunt in packs like wolves. If you are bitten by a wolf spider, you will likely experience moderate symptoms like swelling, redness, and mild pain. Unlike most spiders that catch their prey in webs, wolf spiders violently hunt it down using their strong bodies and sharp eyesight.

If bitten, make sure to wash the bite thoroughly with warm soapy water, and apply an antiseptic to prevent infection. These spiders also exhibit unique parenting habits that are of great interest to scientists. According to the University of Michigan Department of Conservation, however, wolf spiders are also an important food sources for lizards, birds, and some rodents.
Some wolf spiders hunt in a set territory and return to a specific place to feed, while others wander nomadically with no territory or home.
Wolf spiders often jump on their prey, hold it between their legs and roll over on their backs, trapping their prey with their limbs before biting it.

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