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The most recent violations determined by a state health and safety inspector were: 17 live roaches under a 3-compartment sink, in a plastic food container, in the bathroom and on the floor behind the front counter. You can check out a restaurant on our searchable databases that have information provided by the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. Palmetto Bugs are the roach that Floridians (natives) find inhabiting saw-palmetto fan palms and cabbage palms.
Old timers called the Eurycotis Floridana "palmetto bugs" when they were cutting "swamp cabbage" (heart of palmettos and palms) for food.
Nymphs and adults are generally found on ceilings, high on walls, behind picture frames and light fixtures, or near motors of refrigerators and other appliances. The inspector counted more than 144 dead roaches in a rear storeroom, in a plastic food container, in a container where plastic food containers were stored, on top of the serving line, in the bathroom, under the 3-compartment sink, under a prep table, inside a freezer and under steam tables used for serving food.

2nd Ave., Miami was closed July 13 after a state health and safety inspector found 12 critical violations that included roach and rodent activity.
Based on fossil evidence, roaches are known to have been present on Earth for over 300 million years.
German cockroaches can be distinguished from other roaches by the two dark stripes on the back of their head. Recent studies in Florida have shown that American cockroaches and other outdoor roaches are generally associated with trees and woodpiles in landscapes. Residual insecticide sprays applied into infested areas will control American roaches slowly, but effectively.
Look also behind pictures, along picture moldings, on rough plaster walls and ceilings, and most especially on the ceilings and upper walls of cabinets, pantries and closets.

Unless a control program is thorough, these roaches can be difficult to manage because they live as individuals and small groups in such widely scattered locations. It is common throughout central Texas and eastward, along the Gulf Coast, throughout Florida and up the eastern seaboard. It is impossible to list all the places where German cockroaches may live and hide, so you must inspect thoroughly and use judgment and roach "thinking" to find all of the harborages.

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