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The pictures of bees in the above pictures, Billie Piper aside, suggest that bees are friendly enough.
Africanized honey bees, known colloquially as "killer bees," are hybrids of the African honey bee with various European honey bees such as the Italian bee thrown in to spice things up a little bit.
When I was a wee nipper on a Scout camp, I got a bee sting on my finger and bugger me it hurt.
It's widely known that bees can only sting once and then they die however this is a partial misconception: although the bee's stinger is in fact barbed so that it lodges in the victim's skin, tearing loose from the bee's abdomen and leading to its death in minutes, this only happens if the skin of the victim is sufficiently thick, such as a human's.
The honey bee's sting is considered to have evolved for inter-bee combat between members of different hives, and the barbs serve to improve penetration of the chitinous plates of another insect's exoskeleton.

It was Billy Piper the former jailbait singer from Britain that once sang the line, "Honey to the bee, that's me for you" - as such is the regard humans have for bees, we like to relate our stories about love and life to bees. Small swarms of African honey bees are capable of taking over European honey beehives by invading the hive and establishing their own queen after killing the European queen.
The scout leader took one look at it and said he'd have to cut my finger off with his knife because it was the worst bee sting he'd ever seen. Generally speaking, nature didn't really intend for honey bees to attack humans, just other bees. So nature designed honey bees to sting other bees all day and not die, but when they sting a thick skinned animal, it's all over red rover.

Bee stings often affect people as a result of the histamine injection - the body reacts to the bee's 'poison' and swells up as a result.

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