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Looking through these Black Widow Spider Bite pictures will help you identify if this is the insect you were actually bitten by. Black Widow Spider - Spider BitesA Black Widow spider is classified in the genus Latrodectus and in the family Therididae. Latrodectus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe black widow spider is perhaps the best-known member of the genus. Black widow spider bite factsIt is a well known black widow spider bite fact that the injected venom is extremely potent.
Latrodectus mactans - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaA female black widow spider can produce four to nine egg sacs in one .

Black Widow Spider - Animals - National GeographicThis spider's bite is much feared because its venom is reported to be 15 times .
Spider Bites: Symptoms, Pictures and TreatmentPictures and descriptions of real spider bites, including black widow and brown recluse. Picture of Black Widow Spider BiteThe black widow spider produces a protein venom that affects the victim's nervous system.
It appears to be something along the lines especially of a hobo or recluse, as this bite is clearly necrotic.
Also, this picture is found under hobo spider bites, so it's being shared among bite sites.

First thought it was a brown recluse, but the tissue around the bite never died like in the pictures.

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