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The main areas where you can find a wolf spider is in the garden, although it is also known to wander into the house at times. People have likened the symptoms of a wolf spider bite to those produced by a brown recluse spider bite, but to a lesser extent. The wolf spider bite is treated as you would any other bite from a spider with less toxic venom. Like all spider bites, the physical condition of the victim will affect the severity of the symptoms.
Common sense should always prevail, so you should avoid disturbing spiders when you see them. To identify a wolf spider bite, it goes without saying that it is helpful to know what a wolf spider looks like. After being bitten, fang marks and tearing of the skin might be present, particularly if a large wolf spider is the culprit.
The number one sign of being bitten by a wolf spider is generally the pain that comes with it. After identifying wolf spider bites symptoms, proper care and treatment must be carried out to prevent complications from the spider bite. Usually, wolf spiders are not seen inside homes, except in autumn and winter when they are seeking warmer places to shelter. A wolf spider bite usually happens because of ignorance on the part of the human, and fear on the part of the spider. A wolf spider bite is certainly painful and might be a traumatic experience for the individual.
Although wolf spider bites are generally not as dangerous as the bites of the hobo, the black widow or the fiddleback spider, it is still better to err on the side of caution. Looking through these Wolf Spider Bite pictures will help you identify if this is the insect you were actually bitten by. The eye arrangement of the wolf spider is one of its most interesting features; they have four small eyes in the bottom row, followed by two large eyes in the middle row, and two medium eyes in the top row. The mother wolf spider will usually carry around her egg sacs with them, which can tend to be on the large side. Today I turned around at work to find a wolf spider about 3 feet away from me with a hiding place between my filing cabinet and display case.
When we moved into our current home, we had so many jumping spiders in the backyard, it was unreal. On Saturday my wife was in our bathroom getting ready to take a shower, while entering the tub, she screamed her lungs off and said theirs a spider in the tub. Wolf spiders are very wonderful for the garden and are not dangours to people, please stop killing these wonderful spiders!
I live in south texas and find tons of these very small dark spiders around the house the are tiny and have six very small thin legs but the front two legs by the face seem to be much thicker and bold there were no distict stripes or markings. I ended up being bitten by a spider that made my leg swell up so bad, that I was unable to use it, and was forced to take a day off from work. I would often wake up to see spiders quickly darting across my white bedspread only to wake up with bites in the morning.
4 of the specimens he identified as wolf spiders, 1 a hobo spider and one was unclassified. But Wolf spiders are scary and will go after your dog.My son uses his hands to kill them but I just stick with beating them to death with the tv remote. Sorry I wasn’t able to send a photo, but I smashed it pretty good and my efforts to use my scanner got no picture at all. Hi, I have read all the comments here about wolf spiders and I want to know if it’s normal for them to get this big or if we have some mutant population. I see that the lady in comment #45 has also reported huge wolf spiders in the Vancouver area.
I think my 2 year old has been bitten by a wolf spider about 2 days ago because I have found them inside and the bite is the size of a quarter.
The bite itches and if I scratch it, it sends a glassy bolt of pain but isn’t as bad as some of these poor folks have been describing. My family and I live in Winslow, AZ and this afternoon we found this very large spider on the outside window.

Hi, I was wondering if you were able to tell me, what physiological adaptations a wolf spider has…It is urgent, i have a project due in a day!! If you can find a timid wolf spider, they actually make good pets, but like all spiders and some snakes they are venomous , so handle with care. I was planting flowers the other day in my small yard and a spider ran out from where I was planting in the grass.
My name is Tina from upstate ny, A couple of weeks ago my husband got bite by a spider.( At the time we did not know what it was) His finger got all black and blue and there was 2 little fang marks. Today he was in his barn fixing his car and what do you know a spider was walking across the floor sooo he put it in a test tube, I’m sitting here looking at it right now trying to figure out what kind it is, I think its a wolf but not sure its small so it could be fairly young. The wolf spider is a very hairy spider and is large, reaching a length of up to 3 to 4 inches long. The spider will only bite if it is provoked, so if you find one of its burrows, you should not insert sticks and twigs in it.
Due to its looks and habits, the wolf spider has earned a reputation of being a vicious predator and is even often mistaken for a tarantula. They are not like spider bites from the dangerous black widow, hobo, and brown recluse spider in terms of the damage and harm presented to humans. To prevent this from occurring, proper care and treatment of wolf spider bites must be implemented.
However, a wolf spider bite looks much scarier than it really is, just like the spider which caused it.
Being knowledgeable about the wolf spider bite and knowing how to identify and treat it is the best thing you can do to be prepared in the event of a bite from a wolf spider. Entering the bathroom to see what was the problem, I saw the largest wolf spider I have ever seen before, the abdomen was just under the size of a nickle and the legs were about a span of inch and half wide.
The funnel web spider is of AUSTRALLIAN decent, and you better hope to God you dont meet one because they are extreamly dangerous. After some days, the bite got better, but I do not wish to have to go through that horrific pain again.
I saw it out of the corner of my eye though, and it was dark… Had the similar shape of these wolf spiders. I wonder if anyone else has had experience with a wolf spider with a similar personality as Harry (yes i named him) does. My neighbor said it’s fortunate-the spider had probably exhausted its venom killing a bug in the house the night before.
Do not know what kind of spider it is but my husband who grew up here said that he has never seen one like it around here before. I haven’t been bitten by a wolf spider though they were all through the house my ex and I bought.
I have been bitten by many a spider in my day, fortunately for me though, not by a wolf spider. The spider has several white stripes down its back, set against a grayish brown color which is mottled. Ideally, you should not wait for the symptoms top persist, and you should seek the help of a doctor after the bite, but you can opt to wait, and see the doctor when the symptoms persist.
You should think clearly about the cleaning, and sanitization of the bite area, and also getting some medication to deal with mild symptoms.
Though they should be taken seriously, wolf spider bites are not always as fearful as their reputation.
Wolf spiders are also mistaken for nursery web spiders, but wolf spiders do not spin webs and their bodies are more robust than nursery web spiders, which are generally thin with pointed rear ends. An antibiotic ointment may be applied to kill bacteria which may have been introduced by the wolf spider through its bite.
However, when a wolf spider is afraid or startled, or feels that it is threatened, it will bite without hesitation.
If you see a wolf spider, try and avoid disturbing it to avoid being bitten in the first place.
This is probably where it got its name from; and the colors also help the spider to hide in leaves, sand and other ground debris.
If you get any serious reaction to a wolf spider bite, then you should get to a doctor as quickly as possible.

Secondly, although the spider boasts of venom that is deadly to insects and small rodents, it is not harmful to humans.
It is therefore important to know some basic facts about the wolf spider, as well as knowing how to identify a wolf spider bite and what treatment it requires. This, of course, adds to the fear-inducing false information that circulates about them, with many people believing they deliberately try to bite humans. I have encountered 4 wolf spiders in the last 2 weeks, with one of them being the size of a grown up’s hand. If you were to have a picture i could be completely sure but it is understanable why you do not. I know that spiders have a bad rep, mostly because of Hpllywierd , but we have very few dangerous spiders in the south east, and they are very benificial. I have two small dogs (maltese) only about 5-8 lbs in size and I am worried that the spider might hurt them. Another time there was one laying on top of the water I went to scoop it with the net and the larger spider disintegrated and hundreds of baby spiders ran all over the top of the water.
I can’t tell you what a relief it is to sleep in a bed where I am not being bitten every night, and to wake up without fifteen new bites all hither and yon. In some cases, the bite will not elicit any measurable symptoms, and the victim may consider himself to be lucky, but in other cases, the wound takes a long time to heal, and may become necrotizing.
Thirdly, most of the symptoms of the wolf spider bite can be easily treated and are not severe. Also useful for identification purposes is the fact that a female wolf spider will carry its egg sac or baby wolf spiders on its back. The prominent cream color against his dark abdomen is fascinating to me, but I am unsure if it is a wolf spider or not.
Hopefully more these spiders don’t bother you but if they happen to try to get a picture of it. This morning I rolled over and felt a sharp pain in my left shoulder and when I rolled over, there was a very large spider, identical to the first! He said Frontline (stuff you use on dogs and cats) is the best thing to repel spiders, and almost the only thing that will turn them away!
I told him that we must have spiders because of the bites, but he said generally spiders do not bite. Whatever you must do though, consider how bad your reaction is to that bite, it is WISDOM telling you to seek and get professional help. I don’t know how bad the bites were, or how many.) They scared the dickens out of me every single time!
The most prominent feature and characteristic to use for wolf spider identification, however, is the eyes. I do not recomend handling any species of spiders unless you know exactly what you are doing and aware of the species.
When a wolf spider bites a child or an elderly person, medical attention should be sought immediately. Still, he was treating me like I was a crazy lady, saying that wolf spiders are not agressive and do not bite.
So if it was truely a wolf spider i sure don’t want to get another one from it or any spiders. Their large size and ferocious nature is one of the reasons why people tend to go into a panic when they see wolf spiders. He finally agreed that yes, if a wolf spider is in the bed and you roll over on it, they WILL bite! Also, any insect within my vicinity that is going to bite, will inevitably bite me, and possibly nobody else, naturally. Although the bite can sometimes be painful, wolf spider bites do not produce severe symptoms, but the bite has been known to become necrotizing.

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