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I can look on the web site to what type is spider bit me I can't stand to look at the picture to get help. No spider as part of its normal behavior seeks out humans for any reason, much less for the specific purpose of biting someone.
In general, the major signs and symptoms of serious spider bite are either systemic and neurotoxic, like that of a black widow bite, or are locally erosive, causing a relatively painless open lesion, like that of the brown recluse spider. In northern California, there is only one kind of spider that can bite and cause toxic effects in humans, widow spiders.
Recluse spider bites are often blamed as the cause of large, often expanding lesions seen on patients in California.
It appears to be something along the lines especially of a hobo or recluse, as this bite is clearly necrotic. Insects, mites and spiders may bite to feed or to defend themselves, leaving annoying itchy and painful welts. Bites generally occur when a human accidentally injures a spider or when a spider confuses a person’s movement with that of a prey insect. A third category of bites, like those caused by wolf spiders, may cause short-term symptoms similar to those of a mild bee sting, with localized pain and some swelling.

Widow spiders possess neurotoxic venoms that may produce system-wide effects when injected into humans.
Yet the brown recluse spider does not occur in California, nor within a thousand miles of the state. However, there is usually little evidence actually connecting a spider bite to diagnoses of spider bites. Also, this picture is found under hobo spider bites, so it's being shared among bite sites. First thought it was a brown recluse, but the tissue around the bite never died like in the pictures. This site is designed by entomologists and dedicated to help you to identify your bites and the source of those bites.
In the United States only the black and brown widows have a truly dangerous bite, which can cause short-term illness and systemic discomfort and in rare cases severe illness. In any case recluse spider bites, which have been studied from initial bite to resolution, always result in a fingernail-sized lesion, which is self-limiting, usually healing completely without treatment within several months unless it gets infected.
The medical literature is full of clinical descriptions of spider bites that lack any evidence that a spider was actually involved.

Very few spiders can bite through human skin, and most of those than can either possess toxins that have little or no effect on humans, like the American tarantulas, or produce insufficient quantities of venom to cause significant symptoms, like jumping spiders.
However, there has not been a death attributed to a Widow bite in the United States in decades.
If a deep lesion develops with minimal surface necrosis of the skin, and continues to spread into deep tissue with extensive swelling and reddish, purple or dark discoloration extending away from the site of the lesion, it is unlikely that a spider bite was the cause. Only a small number of spider species worldwide combine the ability to penetrate human skin and to deliver enough sufficiently toxic venom to cause serious human disease. Of these species a portion are ecologically separated from humans in a manner that all but eliminates them as serious risks.
Many current cases of brown recluse spider bite are probably caused by the antibiotic resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus often referred to as MRSA.

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