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So, I went to reach for the water dish the other day, when I noticed that the dry food bowl was CRAWLING with ants!
I just sprayed it all around the kitchen, plus I used it on the fire ants that have been appearing on the catio.
A completely natural option is to put cinnamon around your cats’ bowls and along door frames where ants come in. To keep ants from coming back, you can mop the area where they came in the house with a bleach and water mixture.
Later when we had an ant problem at work the pest control people suggested using windex as well.

Note to joycebell, Bridget, and other cinnamon users: Sometimes it takes a few applications (and in a few different places as you figure out where they’re coming in) to completely stop those stubborn and strong* ants! It’s a patented poison-free formula that controls ants, roaches and other crawling insects using all natural, food-grade mint oil. Some ants invaded recently and I placed traps on the cleared-off floor of the pantry but they don’t seem to be working and I worry that someone might accidentally leave the door open, allowing the cats access to the traps.
The bleach gets rid of the pheromones ants rely on to find each other, so they won’t come back.
This is my first ant problem since moving into my condo, so I started investigating products that might help.

I’ve heard people mention Sevin Dust for insect control around animals, but after just a little research I found several anecdotes about pets getting serious skin irritation or becoming very sick from it.

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