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Micropest pest control Wollstonecraft is a safe, environmentally friendly and pet friendly pest control Sydney company situated on the North Shore of Sydney just up the road in Chatswood. Micropest pest control Wollstonecraft has being servicing the area for over twenty five years and employs Gerard who has being in the pest control and termite control industry for over twenty five years.In his time he has accumulated an extensive knowledge of the area and its pesty inhabitants.
Pest Control in Wollstonecraft  is always very interesting because it has a mixture of old and new housing. The low density living pests that come to mind in Wollstonecraft  are termites, American and Australian cockroaches, rats, silverfish and spiders due to the fact there are a lot of drainage and sub-floor ventilation issues evident in some of the older homes. I would like to thank Micropest for the millipede pest control treatment they carried out on my house in Wollstonecraft.
Millipedes prefer to live outdoors in moist soil but frequently venture indoors where they can be found in almost every room of the house.
Millipedes often migrate during the fall, presumably in search of warm places to spend the winter. The most common millipede species in Sydney are the Portuguese millipedes .I personally have had allot to do with the Portuguese millipedes, mainly because my first ten years of pest control was in Adelaide South Australia.

Micropest provides the following Millipedes and Millipede control Sydney service with an approximate price.
Millipedes many times invade your home after heavy rainfalls or when they are in search for a place to overwinter. The problem with millipedes is that they are not insects, and most insecticides you buy to do it yourself will have no effect on them. Millipedes have two pairs of legs on each segment where centipedes only have one pair per segment.
It is during this time and after rainfalls that millipedes are most likely to enter your home. You may ask what has that got to do with anything , Portuguese millipedes first started in the wine growing districts of South Australia, the uninvited immigrants arrived with the first shipments of cork from Portugal. Good news is that millipedes are not poisonous and are a mere nuisance to your home or business. At Eco Tech we are trained in dealing with millipedes, and have effective and earth friendly pest treatments.

The higher density living buildings in Wollstonecraft attract pests like German cockroaches, bed bugs and rats. I tried to eradicate the millipedes myself with fly spray but they just kept on coming back. They are easy to control with cislin or ficam wettable powder and are very common in cement floored houses .Millipedes occasionally can occur with plague proportions. We will use our less toxic organic product line to exterminate the millipedes, and we are friendly and flexible to work with.
Gerard from Micropest pest control Wollstonecraft came out and treated my foundations of my house with a wettable powder called ficam w.

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