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The housefly, or Musca domestica, is a fly that is among the most common of all flies in the world.
Unlike other species of flies, the housefly only has one set of wings that is accompanied by a subset of wings. Typically, houseflies are known for eating feces, but will also feed on rotten food and flesh.
In colder climates houseflies are only able to survive in areas that are heated an inhabited by humans. Because they are so common, houseflies are often underestimated in the grand scheme of things in regards to danger to humans.

It is said that houseflies account for nine out of every ten flies that inhabit the homes and other buildings that are used by humans. The whole of the body will be covered in small hairs that are used to help them maintain flight and also provide them with information regarding their surroundings while they fly. The average female housefly can lay as many as 500 eggs over the course of a number of egg laying sessions. They are also known for their large, red eyes, which can range between eight and twenty milligrams depending on the conditions surrounding the housefly.
It is important that you always try to remove houseflies as you see them so that they do not lay eggs in your home.

If you are looking to get rid of a housefly infestation, you may want to contact a local exterminator who has the proper tools and chemicals to dispose of the infestation for good. They are considered to be pests, and often times exterminators will need to be called in order to deal with a large infestation of houseflies within a home. Maggots will hatch within 24 hours of being laid, and the maggots will seek out organic material in order to sustain themselves.

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