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London Insect Control provides unbroken coverage throughout the entirety of London, with a dedicated Westminster office that caters specifically to local residents. Our staff combine their experience with a rigorous accreditation system, with a level 2 health and safety qualification from the RSPH, as well as licensing from the British Pest Control Association. Westminster Bee Control trains its technicians to delicately remove nests intact, along with its inhabitants, but should this be impossible we can and will resort to chemical measures to destroy the nest and the bees within. Westminster Flea Control receives countless complaints every year about the inefficacy of traditional shampoo treatments and flea prevention measures, and so we have developed a treatment plan similar to that we use for bed bugs, specifically tailored to the demands of the household environment. Westminster Silverfish Control track down these insects to their hiding places, using insecticides and Diatomaceous earth to exterminate them rapidly, as well as giving you advice on how to make your house a less attractive proposition to future silverfish infestations. Cockroaches are disease carriers, leaving eggs and droppings around the house and in any food they touch. While other insects may be seasonal and can be expected to die out or leave of their own accord, cockroaches will take any opportunity you give them to establish a more and more invasive presence in the home, not only breeding, but drawing in more cockroaches where they have established clustering grounds.
Rapid, deadly, intensive treatment is the only way to stem an infestation, and we make sure our technicians use all the options at their disposal to exterminate cockroaches quickly, identifying their favourite hiding places and filling them with potent chemical treatments to make sure that they cannot sustain their presence in a household. London Pest & Insect Control - Bed Bugs, Wasp Nest Removal, Cockroaches and everything else! London Insect Control operates across London, with a strong fleet of experience pest control technicians located in multiple boroughs, each of them able to service customers in a wide area, with a long-standing familiarity with local residents and their needs. London Insect Control provides a consultation service to all, with no obligation to undertake an extermination programme whatsoever.
Our London Bed Bugs Control team will visit your property and do a thorough inspection, extermination and optional proofing.

Our London Wasp Nest Removal team have many years experience in eradicating problem fleas from your home or business premesis.
Our London Flea Control team have many years experience in eradicating problem fleas from your home or business premesis. Our London Cockroach Control team are on hand to stop nuisance cockroaches once and for all!
London Insect Control offer a range of services to treat all insect problems you are likely to encounter. We are London's premier pest and insect control service and believe that the scale of our operations, combined with the tailored service we offer each customer, set us apart from our competitors. All of our exterminators have passed national health and safety assessments set by the British Pest Control Association and are highly trained in the use of pesticides. We employ the most attentive and experienced exterminators in the industry who will not only guarantee to rid you of your pest problem discretely, but will dispense insider tips and sound advice on how to prevent further infestations in the future. On top of this, we put all our technicians through a training programme that grants them a Level 2 Health and Safety Qualification from the RSPH (the Royal Society for Public Health), which educates our staff both in the practicalities of pest control as well as giving them an understanding of broader theories and practices that are vital to safe operation. London pest control: Besides the differences in their physical characteristics, rats and mice are significantly different in many other ways. London pest control: Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are small blood-sucking insects that can live in cracks and crevices in and around your bed.
London pest control: Ants live in colonies ranging in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organised colonies that may occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals.
Pest control Central London: Pest control WC1 Bloomsbury, Pest control Gray’s Inn, Pest control WC2 Covent Garden, Pest control Holborn, Pest control Strand, EC1 Pest control Clerkenwell, Pest control Finsbury, Pest control Barbican, EC2 Pest control Moorgate, Pest control Liverpool Street, EC3 Pest control Monument, Pest control Tower Hill, Pest control Aldgate, EC4 Pest control Fleet Street, Pest control St.

Mice in the attic Central London: Mice in the attic WC1 Bloomsbury, Mice in the attic Gray’s Inn, Mice in the attic WC2 Covent Garden, Mice in the attic Holborn, Mice in the attic Strand, EC1 Mice in the attic Clerkenwell, Mice in the attic Finsbury, Mice in the attic Barbican, EC2 Mice in the attic Moorgate, Mice in the attic Liverpool Street, EC3 Mice in the attic Monument, Mice in the attic Tower Hill, Mice in the attic Aldgate, EC4 Mice in the attic Fleet Street, Mice in the attic St.
If you’ve discovered cockroaches in your home, and want an end to it, call us today for a free site survey. They are licensed by the BPCA, The British Pest Control Association, a non-profit organisation that regulates pest control services in the UK and which imposes very strict membership requirements, guaranteeing the peace-of-mind that a smaller, unlicensed, fly-by-night operators simply can't. There are several methods for the control and eradication of wasp nests, these include specialist chemicals, and wasp nest destroyers in the form of aerosol sprays.
Because rodent control efforts will be most successful when based on an understanding of the pest itself, it is important to know the differences between these two rodents.For example, one of the most critical differences in behavior between mice and rats are that of curiosity vs. Simply put, you don’t even have to see the cockroach to have it affect you and your family.
The German Cockroach carries its egg case (known as a ootheca), until the nymphs are ready to hatch.
The Oriental Cockroach deposits its egg case on packaging, sacking or in a suitable dark crevice before the nymphs hatch out.

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