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Mostly nocturnal and true to its name, stone centipedes are usually found under soil, rocks, or debris during daylight hours. Although they might not be as damaging as other insects and pests that can take up residence in side your home, we understand at Pestend that getting rid of centipedes can be a priority. Customer service is our first priority and that’s why you get the advantage of our money back guarantee and Integrated Pest Management approach when you contact us. Known for having a 100 legs, centipedes are quite disturbing pests to spot around your home. By preying on other insects, they can effectively control various pests; therefore, they should not be destroyed when noticed outdoors.

Don’t forget that we’ve even got emergency services for you to use when the pests need to be expelled right away. On the outside, an insecticide barrier can help prevent centipedes and insects from gathering on the foundation. Killing other bugs will kill centipede food sources, thus keeping them away from your home. If you need Houston Roach Control, Houston Spider Control, Houston Ant Control, or any other pest solutions, Bulwark is here for you. House centipedes survive in low numbers in many homes as long as live prey such as insects and spiders are available.

The centipede known as Scutigera coleoptrata, originally from Mexico, is now commonly found in North America.
Although a centipede bite is rare, it can produce a similar reaction to a sting from a wasp.

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