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In a balanced environment, pack rat populations are an important and beneficial part of nature.
Pack rats are naturally very curious and will investigate anything new in their environment. The solution to pack rats issues is creating and maintaining a pack rat-free “buffer zone” around your home. The key to eliminating and preventing pack rats is addressing their use and need for shelter. Eliminating only the rats creates vacant nests soon to be reoccupied in an unending cycle until the nests are located and properly removed.
Within 24 hours of removing the resident rat the nest needs to be completely removed before another rat moves in.
Rats like to go where rats have been and even after catching the resident rat and removing the nest, other rats may try to rebuild in the same area.

Poison is also dangerous and may kill the very predators that naturally control the pack rat population. Pack rats are an important link in the natural food chain for snakes, owls, bob cats, ring tail cats, foxes, coyotes and even road runners. Pack Rat will provide a free, no obligation inspection and consultation on creating a buffer zone. Pack Rat is licensed by AZ Game & Fish to live trap pack rats and other nuisance animals – landscapers and typical exterminators are not. Pack Rat is also licensed and certified by the AZ Structural Pest Control Commission to apply pesticides. Pack Rat knows the proper prevention techniques and provides a long term guarantee the nest location will remain rat-free! Pack Rat provides prevention recommendations with each free inspection and also offers Deter-Scape, a natural landscaping nuisance wildlife prevention service.

Again, rats like to go where rats have been and when poison kills a rat, a vacant home is left behind to be quickly occupied by another. Pack Rat will provide a free, no obligation inspection and consultation with a fixed price quote. Homeowners in high risk areas may also want to consider preventative “rat-proofing” to protect their home, garage, pool heater, spa and other buildings before rats move in.

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