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This entry was posted in Mosquito Control, Outdoor Living Spaces, Outdoor Lounging and Relaxation, Tick Control on June 24, 2014 by Larry Spada. Thanks to huge advances in mosquito and tick control, eliminating ticks before they can latch onto your pets is now a reality. This entry was posted in Outdoor Heating and Cooling, Pets, Tick Control on May 22, 2014 by Larry Spada. This is the second annual day of service for the Richmond mosquito and tick control company. This entry was posted in Eco Consciousness, Gardens and Landscapes, Mosquito Control, Tick Control on April 30, 2014 by Larry Spada. So every time I extol the virtues of real professional mosquito control and mosquito elimination, it comes from a very sincere place. I have also been hearing about some homeowners who have tried using several planting combinations around their outdoor living spaces to keep mosquitoes away. Zodiac Flea & Tick Shampoo kills fleas, ticks and lice while adding luster and groomability to your pet's coat.

Zodiac Yard & Garden Spray provides control for up to four weeks and kills and repels felas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants and crickets.
Offers your dog over 12 weeks of age up to 5 months of protection from adult fleas and ticks. Zodiac's Spot On Flea Control for Cats & Kittens is a 4 month supply with a special accu-tip dispenser for easy application. We live close to a regional park, and had problems with wild life bringing in unwanted fleas and ticks into our back yard.
As with all pest control, we advocate an Integrated Pest Management approach to your treatment. Before applying insecticides, you should practice non-chemical methods of control in the treatment areas, especially when eradicating fleas indoors.
It was a Friday, I had just arrived home from work and jumped in the shower and sprayed some cologne on my neck as we were entertaining guests on our outdoor patio for dinner and drinks.
Insecticidal ingredients in this pleasantly scented shampoo are highly and quickly effective against fleas, ticks, and lice.
Hose end sprayer hooks up conveniently to outdoor water supply to cover up to 4500 sqft.Natural Yard & Kennel Spray is effective for up to one week.

This kit contains both adulticides and Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) to provide quick knockdown of adult pests and to prevent the development of immature stages of ticks and fleas. You should always incorporate thorough inspection and non-chemical methods of control such as eliminating harborage areas for successful flea treatment  and tick treatment.
Regardless of whether you are treating for fleas, ticks or both, it is usually best to start by treating your pets with products designed for this purpose. To locate ticks, drag a white towel attached to a dowel or rod across the suspected areas to pick up insects. The insecticide kills exposed adult insects, while the IGR prevent maturation of immature stages of fleas and ticks to interrupt the breeding cycle for up to 7 months indoors.
A topical treatment such as ZoGuard Plus for Dogs and ZoGuard Plus for Cats offers monthly control of both fleas and ticks.

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