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Because I wanted her to get back in her own bed as quickly as possible, we opted to make her bed safe while waiting for the professionals to arrive. While many bed bug control professionals promise next-day service for bed bugs, sometimes it can take several days to get an appointment scheduled. Chances are that you can find bed bug-proof encasements at a local department  or mattress store. Whatever method you use it’s critical to keep the bed from touching the walls or furniture, and to keep bedding from touching the floor. To make a long story short, daughter returned to sleep in her own bed that night, and after a month reports no more bed bugs. There’s one eternal truth when it comes to bed bugs – you’ll feel them before you see them. It’s practically inevitable that the first clue you have of an infestation are a few bed bug bites – or many of them.
Although bed bug bites generally don’t bleed the following morning, a few drops of blood might escape you – or the bed bug that bit you – in the night. Bed bugs can slip between the threads of your sheet effortlessly – and generally like to spend the day lurking in the safety of the creases and folds of your mattress and box spring. If they’re not on your mattress, you’ll often find bed bugs lurking in the cracks and crevices of your headboard. If you’re seriously concerned about bed bugs, investing in a Bed Bug Detector is a great idea. Vigilance is the best method for keeping track of bed bugs in your home – make sure you identify bed bugs early, before their numbers make an infestation difficult and expensive to get rid of. Bed bugs are often mistaken for cockroaches or booklice and they are very often overlooked, as they are usually nocturnal insects and they come out only at night, every 1 or 2 weeks, to feed on blood.

If you have seen an insect in your home, at or near your bed, then have a look at the bedbug picture below, to see if you can recognize the insect.
The problem is that once you start sleeping on the couch, or in an adjacent room, it’s just a matter of time before the bed bugs figure out where supper has moved. A vacuum cleaner is excellent for removing adult and immature bed bugs, though not so good for removing eggs. She just needed a little first aid for bed bugs–something to protect her until the cavalry showed up. Use the attachment hose to go along seams of your bedding, dust ruffle, mattress and box spring. The next thing is to encase your mattress and (if you have one) boxspring in a good quality bed bug-proof mattress encasement.
This prep work gave my daughter a relatively safe place to sleep while the bed bugs off the bed were being treated.
On my daughter’s bed I used an aerosol treatment called Zenprox®, but many products will work too. Soapy water can make a good barrier, but will evaporate over a few days and is probably not very good for wooden bed posts or even metal posts over the long term. There have been a few strays, and of course the pest control company that arrived the next day undoubtedly deserves much credit for  keeping the infestation from spreading; but I believe the steps we took went a long way toward solving her bed bug woes. After this incident, though, I think at least one has decided that having an entomologist dad can be kind of handy.
Most people share their bed with bed bugs for days or weeks before the hungry little blood suckers finally clue them in to their presence.
They’ll commonly appear in batches of three – nicknamed “breakfast, lunch and dinner” because it’s assumed they’re three separate blood feedings by the same bug.

You’ll be able to spot signs of this on your bed sheets – specks of dried blood that are a good indication a bed bug is about. You can check for bed bug signs by pulling up your sheets and checking the seams both on top and below. Use a flashlight to check for the telltale signs – the black or brown fecal specks, tiny white eggs or the bugs themselves. These plastic cups sit under the legs of your bed and trap bed bugs clambering up and down.
If you are worried about bed bugs in your home then the first thing you must learn is how to identify a bed bug. If you don’t spot the bugs themselves, look for their tiny white eggs, or brown fecal specks.
But for at least one night I counseled her to sleep on the couch and I would be over the next day to help.
Removing glue from the bed post, or dropping a favorite sock into a sticky mess is not very appealing. If you find them in your mattress, remember to treat your headboard – and the skirting board and floor – with Bed Bug Killer Spray and well.

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