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In BC, we call them fruit flies but in Alberta, they are called drain flies as they eggs are under water.
So if you have issues with Drain(Fruit) flies,at night put a small amount of cooking oil(TBS) in all sinks with a goose neck trap.
My husband and I live at the beach so we don’t get drain flies here (that I know of) but we do get fruit flies. Another trick I learned when I was searching the net for a science project for my grandson: Truvia sweetener kills fruit flies.

Poke small holes in the plastic wrap.  Just small enough for the fruit flies to enter, but then they are trapped and cannot climb out. Try to put away any other sources of temptation for the fruit flies.  This can be a challenge! This is genius because one of my biggest pet peeves (next to stink bugs), is pesky fruit flies!
Fruit flies won’t appear in your house if you get rid of the old fruit before it starts to go bad.

Leave the liquid standing somewhere in your kitchen where it’s not likely to get knocked over and take the lid off.

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