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If you want to stay away from chemicals and go the non-toxic route Green Eco Services has put together a wonderful list of 21 Top ways to get rid of ants and do it all naturally. While not the most affordable technique, scattering floor nutmeg along the border of your lawn (or any area, for that matter) will get rid of bugs, but not destroy them. Scented marigolds generally get rid of bugs, although some growers have actually knowledgeable ant fascination. Several of the methods would also work for ant infestations outside of the garden.If you can see ant hills there is one solution for killing the ants.

One of the first ways to keep ants away from the house and off your plants is: No food and eliminate points of entry.
Make a dense line that will power bugs to go up over and observe both red and dark bugs do not do so.  Cinnamon will also decrease the amount of bugs in your garden rich compost load if they are annoying.
Place the combination where there is a large focus of ants: you can even keep it in the combining dish. These minute animals get into variety systems and expel dangerous bacteria from their intestinal system that shows deadly within 24-48 hours.

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