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I wanted to kill the ants but I am leery of using borax, conventional ant bait traps, and sprays because I don’t want to kill my dog along with the ants. The best way and most natural way to kill ants is to stop them from coming inside your house. Many people suggest mixing something sweet to attract the ants like jelly, honey, or sugar with borax that kills ants. A bunch of ants decided to seek higher ground and wanted to use my kitchen as a summer vacation spot.

Death by shoe is more natural and personally satisfying but it not a good long term solution. Ants will eat natural sharp and pokey scrubber pad material and will walk right through slick metal copper scrubby material.
I have pavement ants (also called sugar, pantry, kitchen, or concrete ants.) This tutorial will focus on eliminating kitchen ants with steps in order of importance. My ants laughed as they danced over the cinnamon and chalk lines I tried while others swear it works for them.

The only reason I kitchen ants now is they got devious and came into my house though different gaps and cracks in an outside wall.

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