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I couldn't imagine I had bugs in my bed!Google ImagesCalling up pest-control services to get rid of bed-bugs was out of question, because I am allergic to fumes and smells of the insect sprays and other chemicals they might use.
Perfect time to roast bed bugs!So, we moved the pillows and the mattresses to the eighth floor my apartment building and let it stay out there in the sun for a good 7-8 hours.
My mattresses, pillows, pillow covers, bed-sheet and duvet were free from bed bug infestation.I realized that in spite of maintaining highest level of hygiene, our homes get infested with bugs anyways.

Steaming is a good option, in case the bed-bugs decide to attack your bed during monsoons and winters.Homes with pets like dogs and cats have an increased susceptibility to bed-bug infestation. If your pet is carrying bed bugs, a session of grooming outside the house shall do the trick.You can keep bed bugs at bay by vacuuming the mattress, pillows, carpets and frame of the bed at regular intervals, preferably, 3-4 times a week.

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