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Before you put this ant killer mixture down, you need to clean the ant area with something. I use this anytime I notice ants, but also take the opportunity to follow the ant trail and put silicone caulk where they enter. I just made up a batch of this tonight – we have the little red ants that smell like poison when you kill them.
My mom had problems with ants for 5 years, I put the stuff in her house she hasn’t had a problem for two years.

This morning I woke up and came downstairs to a ton of ants on my kitchen counter by the sink. The next day I only saw a couple ants, instead of the little ant highway on the counter and the wall.
I will keep you posted if it works – I found the Boric Acid at my local hardware store – for cheaper than Tarro! We’ve tried expensive sprays, those ant baits, powders, bay leaves, everything and nothing worked.

A bit of peanut butter and a bit of jelly left where the ants can find it will give you your answer!
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