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Thees Victor Mouse Traps are the ONLY way to go, as all the competitors' traps are not worth the trouble to buy and carry home. I recently had an annoying experience catching some lucky little pests, I have to say lucky with a little conferred intelligence to the rodents.
Found out that the mouse found another food source - had a stash of rice in a dark nook of a cabinet. I added three more snap traps this time baited with peanut butter and a drop of vanilla extract and made sure there was no food of any kind available. The mice seem to avoid getting caught in the mouse traps with the big yellow piece of plastic where you put the peanut butter which is weird. I don't know if Victor builds "a better mouse trap" or not but they do build one that works every time. I've tried all of the mouse traps available and this is the only one that gets me results every time. All Victor mouse traps and rat traps are made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sourced wood from environmentally managed forests. If trap draws ants, try using a small ball of cotton or strands of dental floss tied through hole in bait pedal curl. Place victor mouse traps out unset, without bait, for a few days (even 1-2 weeks) so rodents can become familiar with them.

Leave victor mouse traps undisturbed for at least two days before moving to a new location. We have had Tom-Kat traps (ain't worth a darn) and some of the others on the market, and we keep going back to the "old standard", VICTOR, as it is the only trap that catches mice!
I placed baited glue boards (banana scented) along a wall where the pest traveled (droppings were clues) and I saw the mouse walk AROUND them to hide behind some cabinets. I looked in several large retail outlets for this style trap and couldn't locate them ( even in farm stores ).
The key to this trap is to NOT use peanut butter because the rat just licks it off but to use an actual peanut in the shell. The mechanism on these traps sets easily and has exactly the right sensitivity not to go off when you touch it, but ready to spring when the mouse touches the bait. Set enough traps to kill most of the population before the rodents begin to shy away from the traps.
I then used the snap traps I am endorsing here first baited with cheese (not big chunks mind you but globs pressed heavily on to the metal trigger so the pest could set off the trap). The tactics of corraling and starvation worked and the little emaciated pest was tossed and a few hours later another was caught as well and I have not seen any since - that was two weeks ago from the time of this post.
We recommend placing the traps every 2-3 feet along a wall, with the trap placed perpindicular to the wall.

I released the first one far away from where I live and then placed back the same trap in the same place. The worst are the poison traps because you end up with dead mice in the walls that smell for a week or so.
They are easy to bait without getting fingers trapped and can be used over and over and over. The traps are sensitive enough that they go off if I try to slide them a couple of inches to the wall. I can no longer find Victor traps in the stores and will never buy any other type, even though I have to order them on-line now. That baby worked like a charm, and I now have no mouse problems, Thank you Victor Mouse Trap!
Depending how they get caught, and how long you leave them on the trap, they might die faster.

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