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When most people think of what bait would attract a mouse they automatically think that cheese is the answer.
The most important thing to remember when choosing your bait is that mice love sweet and fatty foods.
Other bait materials include those that contain poison however there are risks is using these.
Basically, you want to use bait that is high in fat or sugar and has a strong odor to attract the mice living in your house to it.

However there are many different kinds of baits that can be used to attract mice into the traps you’ve set up in your home. Mice are attracted to foods that are high in fat, protein or sugar even when seeds and grain are present. There are different poisons that are available to buy, some that kill the mouse instantly, and others that take a few days to work. A mouse only eats about 3 grams of food a day and they have a habit of sampling foods and discarding the rest so they waste a considerable portion of the food they gather.

Although even if you take this step and your cat or dog eats the infected mouse the consequences could be fatal. The right idea is to use less of the bait so that the mouse has to get closer to the trap trigger to get the food.

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