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Read More : Table Of Commensal Rodents is a chart to summarize the differences between rats and mice. You will want a complete rodent elimination to occur before the rodents move to another area. Rodent Inspections, Rodent Exclusion, and Sanitation measures are critical in rodent control measures.
We commonly see situations where a customer has been paying over $700 per year for a number of years for mouse-baiting services from a large franchise pest control company. For a mouse or any animal to gain access to a house it has to have squeezed through some type of opening. The complete package includes mouse removal first to rid your home of rodents followed by mouse proofing to prevent them from coming back. We find that about 60% of the houses we inspect for mouse infestations are able to be totally mouse-proofed. Houses that are typically able to be mouse-proofed are split-level raised ranches, contemporary structures, modern colonials and one-level ranches.

Once the mice have been successfully removed and your home has been mouse proofed, you'll be protected by BatGuys comprehensive one-year warranty. In February 2009 I inspected a house that had a major mouse infestation in both the finished and unfinished areas of the basement. We sealed this opening properly, mouse-proofed about a dozen other areas to keep them from going there next and then removed all the mice that were currently inside the house. When you're ready to get started, contact us immediately and we'll set up a time to conduct a mouse-proofing inspection of your home. Today, due to increased sanitation and effective rodent and insect control programs, the threat of disease from rodents is not as critical. View House Mouse, Norway Rats, and Roof Rats to read more about their identification and differences.
The other 40% do not qualify for total mouse-proofing because of conditions like loose stone foundations, attached garages, large backyard decks and patios and a host of other conditions that make total mouse-proofing impossible. Houses that are typically not candidates for mouse proofing are old farmhouses and most cottages.

We must conduct a thorough inspection to determine if your house qualifies for mouse-proofing.
If mice should re-infest your home during the warranty period we will return to do additional mouse removal and repairs at no cost to you.
Once you knock down the resident mouse population with poisons you have won a small battle, but the holes that the mice used to get into your house still exist. All of these mouse-proofing projects were given one-year warranties and as of this writing we have not been called back to a single one for a warranty issue.

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