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If think you have a mouse or rat problem in your home, it is important that you schedule an initial service as soon as possible.
Pioneer protect structures of all shapes and sizes from mice & rats, using a variety of rodent control solutions throughout St.
While these species vary greatly to include everything from chipmunks to groundhogs, the species that most commonly come to mind at the mention of rodents include mice and rats.

Here at GoGreen Pest Control, we begin our initial service with a comprehensive inspection to identify any and all traces of pests.
This isn’t really surprising as these two species of rodent are a problem for many home and business owners around the world. We also use only organic rodent removal products and techniques to effectively remove the infestation without the use of harsh chemicals.

For more information regarding our green pest control services or to schedule an appointment with a skilled Go Green Pest Control technician, call us at 505-404-1440.

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