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The underbody of a mouse is permanently wet from urine, so every surface or food that a mouse comes into contact with will be contaminated. Prokill East Surrey & West Sussex regularly provides mouse control solutions for residential customers and commercial clients.
We are now able to offer to a new, all stainless steel version of our mouse prevention grills in all three sizes. Important Notice: Mousemesh grills must not be used to cover air vents which are being used for the ventilation of gas appliances. Best Mouse For RSI Prevention - Logitech Wireless Trackball M570 gives you a different kind of comfort. Mouse Pad Gel Recommended - Patented Health-V Channel relieves wrist pressure to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome!

Rats have occasionally been able to chew through the tough ABS plastic surround of our conventional mouse grills. The Mouse Infestation Prevention & Repeller Kit stops mice from gaining access to your home or office. But one of the most serious problems of a mouse infestation is the potential damage to your property.
There are of course humane mouse traps and any number of stories about how to get rid of mice but the ideal is to prevent mice from entering buildings in the first place. We have designed a simple and durable mouse prevention grill which fits neatly over the air bricks. Easy to fit and very cost effective, mousemesh will help to reduce the use of cruel snap traps and toxic poisons.

However, the kit can also be used after a mouse infestation has been eradicated from your home. Make sure the mousemesh is the correct way up, so that the warning on the bottom left-hand corner can be read correctly.

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