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These Motomco Tamper-Resistant Mouse Bait Stations keep bait from pets, livestock and humans. Lockable bait station for outdoor or indoor use with our wholegrain, block bait or paste-based poisons.
UsageAn easy to use, compact & robust bait station for use indoors and outdoors against rats and mice. The BETA rat & mouse bait station is robust and fully secured bait station ideal for internal and external use. Use with our rodent block bait to stop poison spillage when handling thus protecting children, pets, hedgehogs and other non-target species.The removable rat bait tray holds rat poison sachets or loose wheat based rat poison. PROTECTA Mouse opens on the side, like a book, making it easy to service when the bait station is flush against a wall. To capture mice without poison or for mouse identification, place a Mini T-Rex Mouse Trap in the bottom of the PROTECTA Mouse Bait Station.
USE: Place station near baseboards, corners, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.
PROTECTA Mouse is a mouse-size bait station, monitoring tool and snap trap holder -- all 3 in 1.
To capture mice without poison or for mouse identification, place a Mini T-Rex Mouse Trap on the bottom of the PROTECTA Mouse Bait Station. Same kind of bait stations the large exterminating companies use for mice but you fill the stations on your schedule and for a lot less! Made of heavy-duty, injection-molded plastic, PROTECTA Bait Stations withstand the toughest baiting situations indoors and out. PROTECTA Bait Station is ideal for perimeter baiting and can be attached to a permanent structure or staked to the ground for added security. We have encircled the perimeter of our 1.5 acre property with these bait boxes, using the Supersize Blox bait and our home has been rodent free for over a year.
The bait station was what I expected from this vendor---Quality fine, shipping prompt & speedy----over all a great supplier. This is a great product in that the rodents get in and out, eat the bait, and go on their merry way.
AYou can use a rodent bait in tamper resistant bait boxes to control the rodents on your farm. This sturdy Plastic Rat Poison Bait Safe Box or Bait Station will hold our Raco whole wheat loose grain rat poison bait and our rats poison wax block baits, keeping the rat poison safe from access by children and pets.

The Protecta LP rat bait station is a triangular shaped bait station that fits in corners and along walls where rodents travel.
DESCRIPTION: The Protecta LP rat bait station is a triangular shaped bait station that fits in corners and along walls where rodents travel. If you purchase the poison blocks, purchase bait stations to go with them even if you don't have animals or children that might be harmed by the poison itself.
The horizontal bar allows me to put the bait boxes where my irrigation system would otherwise wet the bait. They keep bait away from children, livestock, pets and other animals, as well as protect the bait from dust, dirt and moisture so the bait stays fresh longer. Rodents will enter stations out of curiosity, and the presence of rodenticide baits placed inside the station.
It features four prongs that hold four Contrac BLOX bait, indispensable for heavy mouse infestations. Found them difficult to open once bait (Kaput rat poison granules) was installed because of the limited handling. They keep bait away from children, livestock, pets and other animals, as well as protect bait from dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants so bait stays fresh longer. It's large enough to accommodate six rats and holds up to one pound of dry bait and one pint of liquid bait. Once I realize that all I need to do is to make it look like the picture of the open station on the website, the station can be set up easily. Its Low Profile makes it ideal to use indoors under pallets and in other tight baiting locations.
Don't be an idiot like I was and purchase only the poison blocks without purchasing these bait stations.
The Protecta LP will hold 3 bait blocks on your choice of vertical or horizontal rods (both types of rods come with the station). PROTECTA RTU MICE BAIT STATIONS can be used indoors and outdoors according to your preference. Motomco Bait Stations will help you monitor rodent activity to determine areas where there are high infestations.
The poison bait station comes with bait tray, bait securing rod and back plate all fully inclusive in the price.
To capture mice without poison or for mouse identification, place a Victor Snap Trap on the bottom of PROTECTA Mouse.

If you have an assistant to help reload mulitple stations, you will want to order another key. The mounting flanges that hold the bait bars in the vertical position are a bit weak and spirited rodents can band the mounting flange such that the bars no longer stay up vertical. The Protecta LP rat bait station locks automatically when closed and uses a special 2-prong key to open. With the Protecta LP bait station, there is a steel rod that holds the bait in place and the chipmunks have no chance of removing the bait.
The amount of poison I've gone through since purchasing the bait stations has dropped to a tenth of what it was (the rats were hording) and the poison has been, subjectively, more effective--we live in a rural area and I think new rats find the poison right away whereas before if another rat had collected it all, I had to put more down for new rats to find. Liners which fit into the bait compartment are available to make cleaning and rebaiting easier. As smaller size packages (1 lb or less) are not available on the web, bait needs to be purchased at local Home Depot or Lowes stores. The other problem is some mucho macho rodents have run away with the bars that were mounted in the horizontal position. In the event that they do, they would need to eat 10 or more to have any effect from the bait that killed the rodent. For those that don't know: stations can be opened using two flat screwdrivers to pop up one side at a time. Both stations ultimately disappeared in successive days even with a large stone placed on top of. I have no idea how they did that but I have opened the stations to find that the horizontal bars were missing, and the rodents had chewed upon the replaceable plastic trays that fit inside the product. Great buy - I would recomend buying the Contrac blocks and the 3 pack of Protecta bait stations as a package - as you will get a better price.
Only thing is to make sure your bait blocks have the hole in the center so they can stand upright in the station. This product would be perfect in the mounting flanges inside the plastic station were half an inch longer, which would beef up where the rods are inserted into the plastic.

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