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The measures that are taken for mouse control in London and the home counties will depend on the extent of the infestation, as well as the species of mouse that is invading your property. For mouse control to be successful, a level of cleanliness, proofing and a significant reduction in the overall population are all factors to be considered. Adapted to thrive in establishments that work with food and homes, the mouse tends to make an appearance during the colder months, as they scavenge for shelter and a reliable food source.
Pest control measures will involve strategically placing traps close to detected mice activity, such as where they find their food.

In particularly sensitive locations, non-toxic measures are used as mouse control in London. Mouse Pest Control London, Rat Pest Control London, Bed Bug Pest Control London, Moth Pest Control London, Ant Pest Control London, Fox Pest Control London, Pigeon Pest Control London, Flea Pest Control London, Fly Pest Control London, Cockroach Pest Control London, Wasp Pest Control London, Squirrel Pest Control London. When taking action against this pest, cutting off sources of shelter is essential, as they cannot survive as part of a large population when they have little space to raise their young or create nests. Unfortunately, once mice have made their home in your property, they can be relatively difficult to control, partly because of their swift reproduction.

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