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Category: Where Do Bed Bugs Come From | 20.07.2013
THE owner of a Charlton food warehouse has been fined for poor hygiene after mouse droppings were discovered among sacks of flour and dead insects were found in a basin.
Health inspectors also found high levels of toxins in some foods including smoked prawns at Ades Cash and Carry, in Eastmoor Street, as well as equipment deemed dangerous for staff. The court heard how Greenwich Council environmental health officers repeatedly gave advice to the owners and served a string of enforcement notices but to no avail.

A follow-up visit revealed mouse droppings scattered among bags of flour and products with high levels of toxins - several times over recommended European limits – which the company was instructed to remove from sale. Rat droppings in poppadoms were discovered by shocked health inspectors at a cockroach-infested Indian restaurant.
Restaurant owner Ibrar Hussain, 57, is facing jail after health officials closed the curry house on the spot in March last year.

They found rat droppings covering food preparation surfaces and found eight mice caught in traps on their second visit to the premises.

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