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Humane mouse traps will keep unwanted rodent guests from disturbing your family, but will also keep your conscience clear by allowing the mouse or rat to live on to see another day… ideally at some different location than inside your home.
Live and let live can be a great philosophy, but on the other hand annoying pests that can eat your food, as well as possibly introduce dangerous diseases should not be left to roam free indoors.
A live trap will trap a mouse without killing it, so you’re not giving it its last meal, your really just sending it off into the wild with a full belly. After the mouse is caught in the live mouse trap, you can release it in the wild, maybe out in the country or a empty field.
The best mouse trap bait types are the ones that get the job done, whether it be bacon fat, peanut butter, cat food… or poisoned blocks. The mouse bait blocks are easy to place in tight places and hard to reach crevices where actually putting a trap would be very difficult.
Again, it’s a personal decision whether you want to use poison mouse bait blocks, but you can’t deny that they’re very a effective mouse trap bait to rid your home of rodents and the diseases they carry.
Note:  If you have mice in your home, it might be better to try mouse traps like the Victor 2425. According to the company, Victor, this trap can kill 100 or more mice per set of 4 AA batteries.  Its a pretty efficient and cost-effective way to rid your home of a mouse problem.

Overall if you pair with a good mouse trap bait, it’s a good solution for any rodent issues you might have. The Snap-E Mouse trap by Snap-E is a very popular trap that resembles the old style snap traps we all are familiar with. If you’ve ever seen a mouse up close, you know that those little suckers are constantly sniffing their surroundings.
And things like mouse traps and even a very effective mouse trap bait aren’t always going to provide a total solution.
So the happy middle ground is a live mouse trap.  Baiting a live mouse trap doesn’t really take doing anything different as the mouse doesn’t know what awaits him either way, but below are some ideas. And if there are fields or areas where large amounts of rodents can live in safety nearby, it’s a good solution for mouse trap bait. Sometimes you need to use something that actually keeps the mice at bay instead of drawing them in with bait. Good places to place the leaves include under the sinks, food pantry, the cabinets in the kitchen, and so on. I know this has happened to me on multiple times when I find a trap has been triggered, the mouse bait is gone, but there’s no culprit to be found!

However, there is need for you to put mouse trap bait such as cheese in the cage so as to prompt the pest into entering the cage. The advantage with this method is that, it will work with or without placing mouse trap bait. In addition, the mouse bait station should be constructed well to reduce chances that the rodents will set off the trap before entering. Inside the home, you should keep any food well sealed and secured in containers or inside the refrigerator. In case you find a mouse lurking around, you should have an effective mouse repellent at hand in order to get rid of it immediately before it can cause any damage. Keeping a tidy house could keep you from even having to worry about getting a live mouse trap.

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