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In fact, experts suggest its the high traffic in libraries that have caused them to be part of the bed bug problem. Your best bet is to examine books before you bring them home – for any signs of bed bugs or their eggs.
His words were part of a strongly worded letter to the Detroit Department of Transportation, in which he revealed that over 50 drivers from the city’s bus service had reported encountering the blood sucking bed bugs on Detroit buses. For those who ride the bus often, the best bet is to remove and wash your clothes first thing when you return home – a wash on the hot cycle, and tumble drying on high is normally enough to kill bed bugs and their eggs. In regards to the Detroit Department of Transportation, chief executive Ron Freeland has already promised that any bus carrying bed bugs will be thoroughly cleaned – with powerful bed bug killing sprays, or heating the bus to a temperature that kills bed bugs and their eggs in a standard paint booth.
Bed bugs are becoming more of a problem nationwide; but many landlords are ignoring the problem when tenants report it.
Apartment tenants in Minnesota hit the headlines recently when they sued their landlord to tackle a bed bug problem. After all, landlords have a vested interest in keeping the sources of their rental income bed bug-free – and most will offer their cooperation if prompted.
They can bring in a professional exterminator, which they may choose to if there’s a problem in multiple units (but might not always get rid of a bed bug problem). Alternatively, landlords might try to tackle the issue themselves, with professional grade products like Nature’s Response 100% Organic Bed Bug Killer Pro.
The Eagles may have missed out on the Superbowl last season, but Philly has kicked New York off the top of another league table – bed bug infestations.
Every year, pest control company Terminix ranks cities on the number of bed bug incidents they’ve reported.
Hotels, guest houses, government buildings, stores, malls and even movie theaters are being struck by the tiny blood sucking bed bugs. Check the room when you check in: Check the creases of the mattress and the head of the bed for signs of bed bugs. For more top tips on preventing bed bugs from coming home with you from vacation or business trips, check out this previous blog post on Travel Protection & Prevention Tips. We’ve written before about how bed bugs are becoming resistant to chemical pesticides. This is because most commercially available bed bug foggers and bed bug bombs use chemicals like pyrethrin and pyrethroid to attack the bugs.
Due to vast overuse of these synthetic pesticides, bed bugs have evolved over the last few decades to the point at which these chemicals are practically ineffective.
This is why it’s much better to go natural when trying to tackle a bed bug infestation.
Not only are bed bugs unable to develop a resistance to these natural bed bug killing compounds, but they’re also safe to use around children and animals.
That’s why in addition to a fogger, you need to thoroughly clean and vacuum your home, and use our other bed bug killing products to compliment your bed bug treatments. This week, a shocking new report by biologists at Natural Link Mold Lab (NLML) established a tangible link between bed bug bites and the transmission of infectious diseases. One such case study was the saga of a Tennessee man – who developed a dangerous infection in his leg due to bed bug bites he received during a cabin vacation, which then took two weeks of antibiotic treatment to cure.
This finding is significant for a number of reasons – primarily because it challenges decades of established theory surrounding bed bug bites.
But perhaps most seriously of all, this discovery comes at a time in which America faces a bed bug crisis. Bed bug populations are exploding all across the United States, and infestations are becoming increasingly common in every city and state. Even if the risk of transmission to humans is rare, the current number of bed bugs thriving in homes, hotels, movie theaters and furniture stores means its only a matter of time before somebody gets seriously ill from bed bug bites.
Keep checking in with The Bed Bug Situation Room to make sure its not you or your family who make headlines. In fact, researchers from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, have discovered that bed bugs feed significantly less from hosts who have alcohol in their bloodstream. The bed bugs offered blood with an alcohol content of 0.10 (more than the legal limit to drive) drank almost 90% less.

Given that a bed bug’s ability to lay eggs is directly related to the amount of blood they consume, this discovery is significant – but Dr. If you’re serious about bed bug prevention, the best advice is to prevent them entering your home in the first place. You can do that by washing new and used clothes you bring home on high heat before you wear them, using luggage encasements when you travel and investing in bed bug detectors to identify a bed bug problem before it becomes a bed bug infestation.
If you’re going to raise a glass to bed bugs – do it in celebration of avoiding seeing them in your home. Although their bites appear quite similar, you can tell you’re dealing with fleas if the bites are mostly concentrated around the ankle and lower legs. Mosquitoes are another bloodsucking bug that leaves bites commonly mistaken for bed bug bites. This is why many victims of mosquito bites wake up thinking they’ve been bitten by bed bugs.
Bed bug bites are generally hard and red, and don’t ooze or itch quite as badly as mosquito bites do. The quickest way to confirm or eliminate the possibility of a bed bug infestation is to check your sheets and mattress after you’ve discovered bites.
Specs of black and brown, especially around the head of the bed, indicate the presence of bed bugs. Lifting the sheet, you might be able to spot the bed bugs themselves, or their eggs, in the seams and folds of the mattress. If your kids are older, you might also want to teach them how to check for bed bugs in their dorm rooms; and equip them with a luggage encasement and our handy travel-sized bed bug killer spray before they go. In August of last year, we reported how bed bugs were discovered carrying an antibiotic resistant strain of the “superbug” MRSA.
They discovered the bed bugs were carrying the potentially deadly Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus bacterium.
This deadly disease, better known as MRSA, poses major health risks to people because it is resistant to most forms of antibiotics; making it practically impossible to treat once a patient is infection. The good news, though, is that so far, no MRSA infection has ever been passed on by the bite of a bed bug. Although Getty’s comments are reassuring, they do gloss over one unalterable fact: That bed bugs bite their victims and can carry potentially dangerous bacteria. Bed bug detectors can help identify the presence of bed bugs before they become an infestation.
It’s worth reiterating, of course, that as of this time there’s no evidence to suggest that bed bugs can spread any form of disease – but it’s also worth pointing out that as recently as the 1980s, people were unaware that tick bites could spread illnesses like Lyme disease and ehrlichiosis. The fact is, nobody is quite sure what hidden dangers bed bugs pose – or could pose in the future. Prevention: Investing in a mattress cover will help reduce your risk of bed bugs, and make them much easier to treat if you do have them. Check back to The Bed Bug Situation Room early and often for all the latest news and information about bed bugs – and how to protect yourself from them. Bedbugs are tough to control because most of the insecticides available today are repellent to bedbugs. Because bedbugs are difficult to control, it may be most efficient to hire a pest control company rather than the do-it-yourself approach. Eliminate clutter in infested areas to reduce bedbug hiding places and make treatments more effective. When considering pest control companies, ask about previous experience successfully treating bedbugs. I just found out i have bed bugs and they came from another person that i told not to bring her stuff in the house till it was all washed and treated for bed bugs they are all in the mattress and box spring and in the base board and floor and i wanted to know if there is a home remedy that i can use to kill them cause i dont have the money to get the chemical sprays or anything else so i was hoping that there was some kind of home remedy that i can use to get rid of them and kill them please help me i am tired of getting bitte nicki. As the discovery of eggs on a book in Locke Street reveals, it’s not so easy to protect yourself from bed bugs when you visit the library as, unlike newly purchased clothing, you can’t throw books into the tumble dryer to kill bed bugs or their eggs! For bus passengers, the perils of bed bug-ridden buses isn’t so much getting bitten (bed bugs generally only bite at night) but of bringing home a gravid (pregnant) female bed bug and starting a new infestation in their own home.

Protect your luggage with plastic encasements that prevent bed bugs from getting into your clothes and towels. These might be the bugs themselves, their eggs or feces, or white powder that reveals a recent bed bug extermination took place. Washing them in hot water, and drying them on high heat, will kill bed bugs and their eggs.
Now the proof is in: Most commercially available  chemical bed bug foggers are totally ineffective against bed bugs.
Sean Abbot compiled a list of case studies that seemed to prove that dangerous staph infections, like the bacteria staphylococcus aureus, could infect people through bed bug bites.
Although irritating and painful, they were believed not to pose a health risk (although many bed bug experts believed they did). We’ll keep posting the latest bed bug news, plus tips and advice on protecting yourself and your family from bed bugs. Ralph Narain assessed how much bed bugs fed on blood with different levels of alcohol in it.
The problem arises because bed bugs can make their homes in the mattresses and beds themselves – only emerging to feed.
Paul’s Hospital in downtown Vancouver tested bed bugs taken from three recently admitted patients. Also check your sheets and mattress at least once a week for the telltale signs of bed bugs – specks of dried blood, eggs and bug feces. There are a wide variety of bed bug killing products on offer that will allow you to treat bed bug infestations quickly, effectively and discretely as home, rather than call an exterminator. This means bedbugs may respond to a chemical application by scattering away from the treated areas.
Pest control professionals have a greater arsenal of products available and tools needed to get treatments into cracks and crevices where bedbugs hide. Because these bugs like to hide in small cracks, stacks of clothing, paper items and corrugated cardboard are likely hiding places.
Then consider investing in some of our bed bug killing spray to spritz books when you borrow them. However, vigilance can help reduce your risk – as can measures taken by affected businesses to deal with the problem quickly and effectively. Vacuuming alone can remove up to 95% of fleas, while our bed bug killing spray is also effective against fleas.
A bed bug detection system is also a great investment to let you know you have a bed bug problem before it becomes a full-blown infestation. The key is thoroughness – cut any corners and you could see your bed bug problems return weeks or months later.
Steam cleaning carpets is also a good idea, but work with the pest control company to make sure you are not interfering with the effectiveness of treatments.
After vacuuming and steaming the mattress, cover it with a plastic zippered cover to trap bugs inside.
These include dusts in wall voids, crack and crevice sprays and sticky traps to monitor bedbug movement and assess the effectiveness of treatments. Keep the mattress cover on the mattress for at least a year to make sure all the bugs are dead. Bedbugs are very resistant to being killed and you don't want them crawling out of the vacuum cleaner to re-infest the house.

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