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Thermfog oil based thermal fogging insecticideThermfog formula 466 is an EPA registered, general purpose and wide spectrum insecticide designed to be applied with thermal fogging equipment.
FOG Propane Powered Mosquito FoggerFOG Propane Powered Mosquito Fogger is an economical, easy-to-use propane powered (propane not included) thermal fogger that disperses oil based insecticides.
Urban mosquito misting works by targeting the natural breeding and harborage areas of your landscape. We use Pyranha and Vector ban which are proven to be harmless to humans but effective for mosquito control and insect control.

Pyranha (formally known as Liquid Gold) brings out the big guns in its spray system formulas by using three different ingredients including Geraniol, Pyrethrin and Permethrin. Whether you want the newest tank-less systems or the tank system we have the right system to control the mosquitoes and make your outdoor experience more comfortable.
A common misconception is that Mosquito Misting is just like aerial spraying or truck fogging.
Not to be confused with public abatement programs, mosquito misting is very targeted, directing mist into flower beds and other landscape where it penetrates dense foliage, chasing mosquitoes out of their hiding spots, thus its the most effective method of mosquito control.

Just imagine having a mosquito control in the palm of your hand and chasing away mosquitoes with the Push of a Button.

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