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My 11 year old son arrived home from a day at his buddy’s house to proceed directly to the bathroom and throw up. Later that evening I discovered a bite on his thigh that was encircled with a red ring and he claimed it was very itchy! I’ve had first aid and CPR training, took a 6 month PT assistant course and worked 2 years as a PTA and worked 4 years in a surgeons office. The Mayo Clinic has a web page on spider bites and states there are only 2 spiders that are dangerous to humans in the US. In Chapter 5, December 1934 through the next several months, Woody attends the first Baker Street Irregulars dinner at Christ Cella’s and solidifies his position in Chris Morley’s BSI. Diana has her own response: use her family money to fund groups opposed to Nazi aggression.
Panic struck me (internally of course) and I envisioned a brown recluse spider sneaking into his room the previous night, crawling beneath his covers in search of animal cracker crumbs and trying to devour my little baby one angry bite at a time. At December’s BSI dinner, he observes a World’s Champ and a Fabulous Monster, both of whom he will meet again, but more importantly he makes a new friend for life in Basil Davenport.

President Benes, in his radio broadcast last Christmas Eve, said that “Czechoslovakia stands like a lighthouse high on a cliff with the waves crashing around it—a democracy that has the mission to keep the flag of peace, freedom, and toleration flying in Central Europe.” The propaganda German radio stations and newspapers have been pouring out for months sees the country as a “sally port of Bolshevism,” And K. I am educated on 3 ways to stop bleeding, how to treat a broken bone or sprained ankle and I know how to spot a heart attack, (a bookkeeper in my old office had one in front of me and I was the one cramming aspirin down her throat) but have never encountered a spider bite. It took 10 minutes of trying to verify my insurance information and getting stats of weight, height and vaccination history before I could even ask a question about spider bites. After speaking with her it made sense that this was not a spider induced illness and I was right.
Although there were no familiar faces seated round the big communal table, the Saint felt the reawakening of an old happiness as he stepped into the brightly lighted room, with the smell of tobacco and wine and steaming vegetables and the clatter of plates and pans.
But a September 9, 1938, letter from Elmer Davis to Vincent Starrett gives a different impression: an older friend of Morley’s than Leavitt, Davis took up merrily with Woollcott that night. Yet Ambrose Converse is also his most important client now, as if Jimmy Stewart had gone to work for old buzzard Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life. Wiry and muscular, with a neatly clipped mustache, he resembled a wary bird who’d bite off any finger poked in his direction.

One night I overheard a callow youth say something to his girl about “shaming the old folks off the floor,” and realized in dismay that he meant me.
Fierce debate had started over his court-packing scheme, to circumvent the Supreme Court’s “nine old men” striking down one New Deal program after another.
My husband also pointed out that if you scratch the crap out of a mosquito bite, it will spread and turn red… hmmm, point well taken. I hung up my hat and coat, opened the briefcase Owney had given me and gazed at the money again, then stashed it in the back of my closet.

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