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For these reasons, many people wish to have this nuisance animal removed from the property. MOLE BEHAVIOR: All moles are subterranean animals - they live under ground - and dig a network of tunnels and chambers.
Click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional mole trappers serving all 50 states. Moles are small rodents that can cause a lot of damage to your lawn or garden if left unchecked. Moles are actually one of the most common types of pests in the country and they are mostly a problem in yards.
It can provide home and shelter, and it can provide food if there are insects in the ground that it can eat.

Although it is rare, a mole will on occasion be found in a house, garage, shed, or elsewhere. As long as you know where the mole came in from you will be able to seal the hole and prevent them from getting in.
The good thing is that they will likely stay out of your house, but unfortunately that does not mean off of your property. It is logical that you would find moles mostly in your yard; a yard gives moles a lot of the things it needs to survive. If you have an infestation of bugs in your yard then it is very likely that it is also the reason you have a mole problem.
You can also use underground fences that will make it more difficult for the mole to move around freely in your yard.

Removing a mole from your garden is different than in your yard because you have more vegetation that you have to be careful with. It is not difficult to remove moles, but the easiest way as it is with most wildlife is to use traps. When something like this happens you can count it as a blessing because it is probably the best place that it can be for easy removal. Vegetation represents more meals because of the plants and the additional bugs that may be present.

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