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This is my ongoing exploration of the Deus Ex Universe, in preparation for when Mankind Divided arrives later this year. I wandered around, talking to the people in the homeless camp until I got a code to enter the Kingdom of the Mole People — just a former subway station.
You'll give Curly the password that you got from the bum you rescued earlier, "Underworld." Curly gives you the tunnel code - 6653. You travel through the underground tunnels of the Mole people until finally reaching the helibase and airfield where the vaccine is being prepared for transport.

In the context of Deus Ex, of course, that intellect comes in human form, as the enlightened Illuminatus or the renegade Illuminatus, Page. Whilst there, I killed a drug dealer for a gang leader to get some zyme (a potent drug) for a junkie, which got me two grenades to clear a tunnel and turn the water back on. Stay in the phone booth -- the entire booth becomes an elevator, carrying you down to a tunnel leading to the Brooklyn Bridge station. To avoid the guards, JC enters the airport through a secret passageway under the Mole People Tunnels.

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