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They feast on everything from the wooden structure of your home to telephone poles and fence posts. Food must also be removed from the home making this process fairly labor intensive for the homeowner.Termite tenting is very effective. Unfortunately, aside from the afore mentioned inconveniences to the homeowner, termite tenting has other drawbacks.
Termite tenting will kill existing termites but does not protect against new colonies from moving in. Repellant termiticides are applied outside the exterior of the home to form a termite barrier.

When the termites eat wood covered with the solution they become a mobile termite exterminator. Non-repellant chemicals are extremely effective on areas where termites are known to be present. Termite baits are commonly used in conjunction with liquid chemical treatments as they are slower acting. Termite bait stations are inserted in the ground around your home at intervals of 10-15 feet. Just like it sounds, the heat treatment method kills termites by heating the inside air of the home to approximately 160 degrees.

The goal of the treatment is to raise the internal temperature of all wooden structures to at least 120 degrees which will kill any living termite hidden within.Much like a fumigation, the home must be sealed to prevent heat from escaping. Unlike fumigation however, the heat treatment process takes a mere 8 hours after which the home is immediately inhabitable.
To ensure you’re treating your termite problem correctly consult with a reputable pest control professional.

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