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A few years ago, a crack in the concrete path at the front of our house became busy with bees coming in and out.
We assumed they were honeybees that had settled their hive there, but on closer inspection they turned out to be mining bees instead. Their cleptoparasite bees, Nomada, hung around the nest entrance awaiting an opportunity to get in and lay their eggs.

There are many similar species of Andrena mining bees in the UK and several of them looked very similar to mine so I finally gave up with obtaining an ID and I didn't find much more about my front path bee. In one of these studies they installed nets on nest entrances to be able to capture recently emerged bees: 75% of females were already inseminated when they left the nest for the first time, indicating that copulation happens most of the time inside the communal nests. Females must by necessity swap nests after emergence so that the relatedness levels is still low within a given nest, and the bees show a high degree of tolerance to conspecifics, regardless of their nest of origin.

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