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If you’re experiencing a problem with mice now, just wait until there’s a time that regular sanitation services aren’t available. Thanks to the very mild winter we had last season, mice have made themselves known for the first time in 13 years. Mice carry and spread various diseases and then transmit them a myriad of different ways, such as their feces, urine, biting, or contaminating food. For those of you who don’t know about the various diseases that are spread through mice and other rodents, the droppings of mice can be dust-like as they age and become brittle and the particles of this dust can be inhaled, thus transferring the Hantavirus (Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome--HPS) through the respiratory system. While it’s easy to physically see the droppings of mice and rats, it’s quite difficult to see urine and impossible to notice any infected air. Fortunately, in spite of how quickly they can populate, stopping mice is relatively simple so long as you don’t underestimate them.  You can poison them, trap them, and you can even create small areas of talcum powder or diatomaceous earth which will cause them to leave footprints, making it easier to find their “home”. Poisoning them is relatively simple as you can mix poison with rice, however, doing so will cause a nasty smell that you’ll have to live with for sometime as they will eat it then retreat back to their home base.  You will never forget the smell of dead mice, let alone a bunch of them.
When we lived in a 12 foot wide mobile home in a small farming community the population of field mice were unbelivable and came inside in droves! It's worth mentioning that the soft plastic lids that you can put on #10 cans after opening do not deter mice. The mice also chewed through the little plastic seals used to "Pump-N-Seal" jars; they couldn't get to the food through the metal lids, but they did uncover the holes and let air in. The cats (yes, we adopted a second one to keep the first one company) don't seem interested in the storage area anymore, so I guess the mice are gone for now. Most flying predators eat mice, and so do most carnivorous reptiles, from crocodilians to vipers, constrictors and other serpents. Once the mice have been successfully removed and your home has been mouse proofed, you'll be protected by BatGuys comprehensive one-year warranty. We sealed this opening properly, mouse-proofed about a dozen other areas to keep them from going there next and then removed all the mice that were currently inside the house.
Mice are one of the most adaptable mammals on the planet and are capable of surviving in a wide-range of environments from fields and wooded areas to urban centers. Mice frequently carry and transmit a wide variety of detrimental diseases, including Lyme disease, black plague, tapeworm, dermatitis and even hantavirus.
House mice can cause catastrophic home damage, including chewed-through expensive home electric systems and pricey appliances.
Even if you keep a mouse as a pet and all nice and clean the insects which live on the rodents won’t differentiate between those mice which are named and those which are hobos hanging out in your home. This is a deadly viral infection that’s spread through mice urine and droppings, which literally can infect the air with miniscule particles of the virus in the air. They are also well known for carrying Salmonellosis which is a bacteria infection of the food, Lymphocitic, which is a form of leukemia, Rickettsialpox, which results in a bacteria infection caused by a bite from the MITES which live on the rodent, Choriomeningitis -  which is a form of cerebral meningitis, Leptospirosis transferred by the urine of the mice, Tularemia which is which is an infectious disease which is transmitted by the insects which live on the rodents, Black Plague—yes, that Black Plague, and Lyme disease—just to name a few.

Mice don’t travel far from their living center (whereas rats will travel much further distances). You know that mice have made a home for themselves if you see their small dark droppings or feces as they do so in areas which they frequent. The pest control industry's standard procedure for dealing with mice infestations is mice-baiting with poisons.
We show up and conduct an inspection only to find that there are one or two very small openings around the foundation that are allowing these mice to gain access to the house. You will get a line about how mice can squeeze through the smallest of openings and that there is no way that anyone can seal off all the openings in an entire house. If mice should re-infest your home during the warranty period we will return to do additional mouse removal and repairs at no cost to you.
By repairing the openings in the exterior of the house we stop the flow of mice into your home.
Mice found this weakness and chewed through the foam to gain access to a wall-void and then the basement of the house. If your situation calls for mice-baiting services we will refer you to the best pest control company in your area.
Click here to view a case study of a local mice-proofing project that we successfully completed. There are over 20 different types of mice, the most common being the white-footed mouse, the deer mouse and the field mouse.
Mice have large front teeth that they use for chewing and often gnaw through furniture and electrical wires.
As professional exterminators, homeowners get the treatment that they need in order to receive the mice solution they seek.
This is why I believe that being very proactive in preventing them from  having any place in our surroundings is critical and the time to prepare for that is BEFORE mice infestation becomes an all out infiltration. Metal and glass are the best containers to prevent mice; however, I don’t’ store my grains and seeds in glass so that they can continue to breathe.
If you’re going to have cats for the purpose of keeping rodents at bay, might I suggest that you keep your outside cats outside as they can bring with them the diseases of the mice. We then remove the mice (without the use of poison) and properly seal the openings to prevent the mice from getting back in. Although they are a popular pet, wild mice can be harmful home pests if not handled properly and have been known to damage gardens and crops, spread disease and causing structural damage.
The best part of hiring Kurt's Pest Control we are an experienced exterminator is that they have the knowledge and expertise to do it right from the beginning.
Though the average lifespan of a mouse is 18 months, in that time they can produce 60-80 mice.

Mice aren’t allowed to use cell phones ya know…something about causing brain cancer, and thus they don’t communicate very well to tell each other to stay away from such-and-such house because there are traps there. Place at least 1 trap for every site of mice presence you see (such as holes in the wall, mouse droppings, urine, smudge marks, etc.) and place them about 5 to 10 feet away from each other.
Once you knock down the resident mouse population with poisons you have won a small battle, but the holes that the mice used to get into your house still exist. Mice are very good climbers, and can enter houses through roofs just as easily as they enter at the ground level. If your home does not meet the requirements we will provide you with some other options besides the standard mice-baiting services. They also breed prolifically and rapidly, so even a small number of mice should not be overlooked!
I suggest the snap traps which use heavy-gauged steel and kill the mice immediately to be the best tools for control. Set and maintain the traps simultaneously so that the mice don’t have time to get used to one location and quickly choose another. We now have three cats and a Jack Russell and although they could catch the mice, I really don't want an animal who cuddles with me to have mice on it's breath! Once each and every one of these openings is properly sealed the mice will no longer be able to enter the house. Because mice are nocturnal, they are much more active during the nighttime, making it difficult to locate their nests.
Mice also carry parasites that are harmful to human health; additionally, their feces feature high levels of bacteria and can contaminate food sources.
Perhaps it’s because I know that a pair of mice can eat 8 pounds of food in a year’s time and spread 36,000 feces droppings! Knowing which openings mice can get through and knowing how to properly seal each opening is very tricky. That's four times per year, every year, because nothing is being done to keep the mice from coming back.
For these reasons I was always hesitant to work with mice problems in the past and usually referred mice calls to other companies. Besides, like Kellene said, if your cat catches mice they (the cat) can carry the diseases that the mice may have.

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