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Because licensed exterminators have access to more effective pesticides, have the know-how to effectively deal with the issue and we will save you time and money in the long run. Effective solutions for the control and exclusion of mice in both commercial and residential settings.
Fully license and insured exterminators offering mouse extermination services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our exterminator will visit your premises, examine the situation and provide recommendations for treatment.

Mice live in homes with individuals since they could feed off exactly the same food that we do however they feed on several occasions per day. If mice have found food, water or shelter in your space, chances are they will come back if you don’t take the necessary measures. Once mice find and begin feeding on the poison their populations will begin to decline until the entire population is eradicated. Depending on the infestation, and the site we are dealing with our exterminators will decide on whether to use single or multiple feeding baits.

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