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As a young company, we are dedicated to providing effective Rat, Mice and Squirrel pest control treatments for residential, commercial and industrial London premises.
Our experience and professionalism allow us to offer effective and discreet pest control treatments for the following rodent and insect infestations throughout London. The Rat Catchers Rat, Mice and Squirrel Pest Control Services are very pleased to work with residents to help clean up London. Our mouse bait boxes are key-locked and designed so that small children and pets larger than mice cannot easily gain access to the non-spill bait inside. If mice are suspected, food preparation surfaces and equipment must be hot washed immediately before use to prevent illness from bacteria within their urine and stored food checked for signs of mouse activity – gnawing damage and droppings are the biggest clues. In short, if you see any mice, we recommend you take action as there could easily be many more.
We guarantee fast, efficient and reliable mouse pet control service to all commercial and domestic clients across Greater London from our own fleet of vans, motorbikes and team of field based technicians.

Welcome to ABC Pest Control London established in 1987.We provide professional pest control services throughout London and Essex with a polite and discreet service. We cover all forms of pest control including Rats, Mice, American Cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, Garden Ants, Ghost Ants, Pharaoh's Ants, Fleas, Bed Bugs, French Wasps, Wasps, Bees, Flies, Squirrels, Foxes, Birds, Pigeons, Clothes Moths, Brown House Moths, Indian Meal Moths, Lesser Mealworm Beetles, Larder Beetles, Biscuit Beetles and Carpet Beetles. We cover South Essex plus East, South East, Central, West, South West, South, North and North West London.
If you notice that you have a pest in your home or work place then call Pest Control London for our professional pest control services. Our pest control technicians are experts in dealing with pests such as bed bugs, rats, mice, cockroaches, carpet beetles, squirrels, fleas, ants, wasps and foxes.
We offer a pest control services on contract for all your commerical pest control needs in London and Essex.
We are also professionally qualified and experienced in pest control for london food distribution premises, food manufacturing premises, shops, office buildings and restaurants.

New-born mice are sexually mature in eight-twelve weeks and producing up to eight litters in a one year life time. Mice are most active at night but they can be seen during the day, especially if they feel very secure and established in their environment or if food is in demand, either through shortage or a growing litter. Bed Bugs London, If you have a problem with bed bugs in the London and Essex area, call us to have them erradicated as soon as possible.
Bird Control London Bird prevention along with our pest control services are available throughout London and Essex.Call us for more information today on free phone 0800 511 8129. We cover North London, South London and Central LondonWe provide a Bed Bugs treatment and control service in London as well as Pest Control in East London, West London and Essex.

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