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We are able to deal with your mice extermination problem using several methods from trapping to poisoning we also use humane options. If you have a mouse problem or a problem with mice, before a successful treatment can be carried out a proper survey needs to take place, initially our technician will look round your property to identify 1, where the rodents activity areas are, and 2, where they are getting in.
Although mice may seem tiny, in relative terms, mice have big areas and big protruding eyes. Being nocturnal (sleep in the day and awake at night), you will often not see mice, its far more likely you will find signs of the mice being there.

The most commonly reported sign is the droppings, mice will leave a trail of droppings everywhere they occupy it is also not a surprise to see evidence of damage to boxes, wires and foodstuffs if you have mice living in your home! Just because you haven’t noticed any of these visual signs does not rule out mice living in your property. Being extensively trained and with years of experience it will not take long for our technician to find the mice hot spots.
The most common mice pest control involves usually one of 2 mice species, these are the wood (or field mouse) and the more common house mice.

Usually they will have got in through an external hole that leads into the cavity, this shelter is idea for a mice nest.

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