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The house mouse is the most troublesome and economically important vertebrate pest, contaminating millions of dollars worth of food, damaging property and causing electrical fires with its constant gnawing. Mice may enter a building from the outside and spread through a structure along pipes, cables and ducts. Many control failures against house mice are due to a lack of understanding of mouse biology and habits. After driving out to the house on two separate occasions to very carefully inspect the entire structure, I concluded that this house could in fact be mouse-proofed and that I would take a shot at it. One issue that I had to deal with while working on the foundation is that I did not have access under the breezeway that connected the main house to the guest house.
I went over the house from top to bottom and concluded that all my work was still intact and that I hadn't missed anything. Over the weekend I checked the basement very carefully for any signs of mice, and there were none at all. Although large numbers can build up in food service areas or trash rooms, one or a few mice can survive practically anywhere. He informed me that the house was only four years old and that they had had a serious mouse problem since the day the house was finished.

The mice were also traveling through the walls and ceilings of the house and creating noises throughout the day and night. It was going to be difficult and it would take a lot of work, but the construction materials and methods that were used to build this house were flawless and I really felt confident that I could provide a solution to the problem.
When the house was built they used flimsy cloth screening in these vents and the mice were chewing right through them as shown in the first picture below. I believed that the breezeway that I could not access had to have openings that were still allowing the mice to access the house.
Over the course of two days we completed the work on the roof of the house and the chimney. We decided (the homeowner and I) that we would let it go and if the job was completed and mice were still present he would get the contractor that originally built the house to take apart the breezeway to allow me access.
We then set dozens of mouse-traps throughout the house in an effort to trap and remove all the mice that were now trapped inside the house.
The rodenticides would always eliminate the resident mice but within weeks he would always have more mice as nothing was being done to eliminate the entry points.
There were several porches, a cobblestone chimney and sections of the house even had cobblestone foundations.

I didn't think it was possible to make a house mouse-proof, but you appear to have done it.
To make matters worse, the house was built in the middle of a large oak grove on the edge of a large meadow. Another trip a week later produced more mice and the following week we had even more mice in the traps.
I returned two weeks later and crawled on my stomach in the mud through a 12-inch opening so I could reach the area where the breezeway attached to the foundation of the main house. The abundant acorns provided a great food source for the mice and the habitat that surrounded the house was perfect for them as well. I found that where the floor-joists of the breezeway met the foundation of the house there was an opening that was smaller than a quarter. We then set several traps in the basement of the house in the weeks that followed and never had so much as a smudge in the peanut butter.

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