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Brown widows appear to be occupying the same niche as black widows so therefore, there may be a shift in the species composition.
Control of Brown Widows: There is no specific information regarding the control of brown widows by insecticides.
The black widow spider is one of the famous and highly feared spiders out of 30,000 recognized species of spiders. This species of spider is mostly found in southern part of US but it may also be found throughout the Unites States.
The black widow spider bite symptoms are a result of the venom which contains protein that can considerably influence the nervous system of the bitten individual. The spider bite may also lead to severe pain in the chest which may resemble like a heart attack.
Generally, in case of black widow spider bite bitten individual may not need too much medical examination. Usually an individual bitten with black widow spider may experience intense pain and need emergency medical attention. They choose places that are more exposed than sites chosen by black widows and hence, appear to be at higher risk for interactions with humans as for as bites are concerned.
Considering that the brown widow is less dangerous and may be supplanting the native western black widow from habitats, it is conceivable that the risk of serious injury from overall spider bite may decrease in southern California as the brown widow spreads.

To determine whether it is a black widow spider bite you need to first know how a black widow looks. Elevated blood pressure is also among the symptoms experience due to black widow spider bite.  This condition in turn can lead to serious issues.
Though spider are blamed for variety of symptoms such as itching, rashes it is also accepted that spiders bite humans rarely. Venom of different types of black widow species is similar; hence, the obtained antivenin works effectively against all black widow spider venom. Some sources suggest that this medical ingredient should be used only in children, elders and people with severe spider bite. The pain experienced due to bite can be handled with narcotics and antitoxin medicines that can be used to counteract the spider venom influences. Though calcium gluconate was widely administered intravenously it is reported to be of insignificant help in alleviating symptoms. What makes this spider easily recognizable is a distinctive hourglass design seen on the underside of its abdomen and spots on the upper side which are often red in color.
If you are bitten by either brown recluse or black widow then you should seek immediate medical attention.
Also, one should store garage items in zip closure plastic bags where there might be interactions with spiders.

You may experience severe symptoms due to the bite; hence, you should consult a doctor immediately. Black widow spider in medium in size and may measure approx 1.27 centimeter long that is around half an inch.
Black widow spider bite symptoms may be experienced within around 20 minutes to 60 minutes after being bitten by the spider.
In some cases the stomach ache caused due to spider bite may seem like pain experienced due to appendicitis or gallbladder. These side effects are often common when the serum is utilized to deal with rattlesnake bite. This creature derives its name due to a belief that after mating the female black widow kills male spider.
This is perhaps the reason why these spiders also prefer dwelling in dark areas and crevices. These measures will significantly reduce your chances of suffering from black widow spider bite.

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