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According to Ashley, “there is a significant opportunity for retrofit and upgrade work in the Austin area. This is common among older homes built out in the hill country, or those in downtown Austin that were built in the 1950s, 60s and 70s.” Older homes may have little to no insulation in walls, which is a major contributor to this issue. Modular Homes (not to be confused with mobile homes) are one of the fastest growing types of housing today.
Fortunately there is much that can be done to enhance the energy efficiency of modular homes and thereby lower energy expenses.
Even more can be done to make the Modular Home more energy efficient once the house is fully constructed and occupied.
Of course none of these improvements can be done for free, and unfortunately not all banks recognize the importance of such energy efficiency upgrades.
Fortunately, an increasing number of contractors are advancing the green building movement and spreading the adoption of sustainable design, energy efficient construction practices and green building technologies, as Houston Neal, Director of Marketing at Software Advice, has noted.

As many homes have traditional atmospheric vents, he said, they often “don’t have enough air intake into the attic. When a home is properly ventilated and sealed, homeowners and business owners are more comfortable.
Manufactured in a factory setting and then constructed on site, Modular Homes have the great advantages of being both affordable and stylishly modern.
The manufacturing process of Modular Homes is itself conducive to energy savings because there is production in volume and greater quality control. Yet there are tax reductions for many energy improvements and government policies increasingly encourage the increased affordability of techniques for enhanced energy efficiency.
However like most homes they can still benefit from adopting practices that will make them more energy efficient. The homeowner can do this by either having a private company do the audit or perhaps even get it done for free or at minimal cost by an electrical co-op.

This is especially true for Modular Homes because their affordability makes them popular with home buyers with lower incomes who often pay a disproportionate percentage of their income on electric and heating bills. Windows typically provide opportunities for savings, with the best insulated ones reducing by up to two thirds the amount of heat allowed in during the summer and heat lost in winter. Other energy saving options include using low-flow faucets and shower heads and buying compact fluorescent lights for all your light bulbs.

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