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Little black ants are small and dark-brown, black or jet black in color and are a native species found throughout the United States. Although little black ants have a stinger, it is too small to be effective against most threats. Little black ants (Monomorium minimum) dwell in areas of Mexico, southern Canada and United States. Little black ants prefer to live outdoors in decaying wood, but will also build their nests in cracks in walls or cement.
Little black ant colonies have moderate to large populations, with two or more queens in one colony.

Signs of a little black ant infestation, include visible evidence of the ants inside the house, crawling on the bathroom or kitchen floor and cabinets in search of food or water, or ants entering a crack or gap that leads to their nest in a wall void. The first step to prevent and control little black ants begins with a thorough inspection provided by your pest management professional. Outside, little black ants establish their nests under rocks or stones and in rotting logs, gardens and other open areas.
Little black ant winged swarms are common from June to August, during which time mating occurs. Little black ant colonies can house several thousands of individuals and are located primarily in dark, protected areas.

Because little black ants can invade a home, contact a pest control professional to address an infestation.

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