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Antarctic fur seal life cycle and directed acyclic graph of multi-event mark-recapture models used to estimate vital rates.
Long-term population and phenotypic change associated with the Southern Annular Mode (SAM) in females of an Antarctic fur seal population.
Antarctic fur seal life cycle and directed acyclic graph of multi-event mark–recapture models used to estimate vital rates.
Wildlife in Antarctica - What The Experience Is Really Like You are using an outdated browser.

Panel b shows age-specific survival for recruiting seals, and panel c the survival for adults (that is, seals with previous breeding experience) with variation by stages defined according to previous breeding outcomes (successful, failed, or deferred breeding). Panel d shows inter-annual breeding propensity for recently recruited seals and for experienced breeders. The wildlife aspect of a trip to Antarctica is I believe the most important and the animals one sees along the way will often times define the trip.
During my week on the Ocean Nova, cruising through the icy waters of Antarctica I was lucky enough to see a wide variety of animal life, including these impressive denizens of the cold and dark continent.My trip, which was sponsored by Adventure Life, an adventure tour company that specializes in taking people to some of the most amazing places on the planet, including on Antarctica cruises, took place in February.

Reply Don Enright November 2, 2013Beautiful images- it sure makes me want to go hang out with penguins and seals.

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