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Leafcutter ants dwell in warm areas, and they are unique because they cultivate and feed on fungus within their nests. Within the large nest of an Atta leafcutter ant, air circulation is controlled by natural movements of warm air from the nest’s perimeter to its center.
A mature colony of Texas leafcutter ants could contain 100,000 insects, mostly made up of sterile female workers. Leafcutter worker ants will bite if an intruder threatens their nest or their normal food-gathering activities.

The most visible evidence of leafcutter ant activity is a trail of ants carrying bits of leaves or other organic material back to their nest.
Providing service for a leafcutter ant problem begins with a thorough inspection by your pest management professional. Each species of leafcutter ant consumes a different species of fungus, tending the fungi with grass and leaf clippings.
Depending on their size, these female leafcutter workers are divided into four castes—major, minor, media and minim—which dictate the functions they perform.

These fungi secrete warning chemicals when an ant introduces a leaf to the nest that is toxic.

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