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This device is designed to measure the torque in an automobile drive shaft and provide an output to a vehicle data recording system or a portable computer via an RS-232 interface.
The LC72146 is a PLL Frequency Synthesizer LSI circuit for electronic tuning in car stereo systems. The SC9256 is phase-locked loop (PLL) LSIs for digital tuning systems (DTS) with built in 2 modulus prescalers. 3) A second up-close demonstration of the system with an explanation of the program algorithm.

6) Please note that I've added in some fun extras in the EXTRAS section, such as how to employ a battery backup, and how to make an extremely sensitive laser detector. The received data can then be combined with RPM measurements from the data recording system to calculate horsepower. The LC72146 supports the construction of high-performance, multi- functional electronic tuning systems for the VHF MW, and LW bands. I'm afraid if I made one, though, I'd step on the trip wire all the time and set it off myself just because I forgot it was there!

In fact, I am trying to built your instructables just without the siren, and only using an piezo alarm. After I made a laser that pulse about 1kHz, and the LDR was set up with a coupling capacitor, and amplifier, which was connected to the counter of an MCU.

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