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Most flies can develop from egg to larvae (maggots), to pupae, and finally, to adults in as little as one week; however, development typically takes three weeks.
Eggs and larvae: After a day or two, eggs hatch into maggots and feed on the material onto which the adults laid eggs.
Because flies secrete saliva and waste wherever they rest, they are excellent transmitters of disease.
House fly adults typically live about two and a half weeks during the summer, but they can survive up to three months at lower temperatures.

Authorities believe that house flies spread more than 65 human bacterial and viral diseases, including diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning, and dysentery. Limit their food sources so that they cannot breed in large numbers: Keep trashcans clean and tightly covered, and promptly pick up and dispose of pet waste from your yard. Also, restrict flies’ entry to your home by using tight-fitting window and door screens. Apply the spray to areas where flies rest before entering the house, such as walls in a garage, on porches, and around doors and windows.

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